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insoles for flat foot

Insoles for flat foot

Flat feet symptoms

Flat feet are easy to identify while standing or walking. When someone with flat feet stands, their inner foot or arch flattens, and the foot may roll over to the inner side (known as over-pronation).
To see whether your foot over-pronates, stand on tiptoe or push your big toe back as far as possible. If the arch of your foot appears, it means that your foot is flexible and normal. If the arch does not appear, your foot is likely to over-pronate when you walk or run.
It can be difficult to tell if a child has flat feet as the arches may not fully develop until the age of 10.


Treatment is not usually needed for flat feet because they do not usually cause any significant problems.
If your feet ache, the achiness can usually be relieved by wearing supportive shoes that fit properly. You may need to wear shoes that are wider than normal.
If your feet over-pronate, you may need to wear a special insole (orthotic device) inside your shoes to stop your feet rolling inwards when you walk or run. These will usually need to be made and fitted by a podiatrist.
In rare cases, surgery may be needed where a child has flat feet due to a problem they are born with (a congenital abnormality). The foot may need to be straightened, or the bones may need to be separated if they are fused together.
Painkillers and insoles are the first treatment options for flat feet that are caused by a joint problem, such as arthritis, or a torn tendon. If the injury or condition is severely affecting your feet, surgery may be recommended.  
In cases where flat feet are the result of a condition that affects the nervous system, special shoes, insoles, or supportive foot or leg braces may be needed. Again, in severe cases, an operation may be required to straighten your feet.

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